Service and Philanthropy

As fraternity men we feel an obligation to our campus and community. In an effort to improve the campus and the world, we expect our brothers to perform at least 12 hours of community service each semester. Throughout the semester, the chapter hosts several service events through a variety of service organizations. In the past, a large portion of our service hours come from the Kids Book Bank, Vel's Purple Oasis, and Flying Horse Farms.

Furthermore, each semester we host a philanthropy event to raise funds for SeriousFun Children's Network. SeriousFun Children's Network is a set of over 30 camps worldwide dedicated to provide a summercamp experience to children with serious illnesses free of charge. In the spring semester, we host Casino Night where participants can play casino-style games to earn chips and use chips to win raffle prizes. In the fall semester, we host SeriousFun-a-Thon where participants can play summer camp games to win raffle prizes.

Over the course of the year, we consistently raise over $2000 for SeriousFun. Each semester, we hold at least one trip to a SeriousFun camp so that brothers may see what our fundraising accomplishes. Additionally, a portion of our dues goes towards a fund to subsidize brothers' attendance to other chapter's philanthropy events.