Phi Kappa Tau is an organization whose members are committed to excellence in education. Under the guidance of the Scholarship Chairman, the fraternity prepares brothers for success in the classroom as well as professional development and career development. Phi Kappa Tau is also proud to be a part of the academic community at Case Western Reserve University.

The Scholarship Chairman provides a number of academic resources to our fraternity brothers to help us succeed in our college career. First, all members have access to an updated Class Encyclopedia, which denotes which brothers have taken which academic courses at Case Western Reserve University. This helps brothers get in contact with each other to help each other with courses that they have already taken. Second, all brothers are expected to submit an updated Four Year Planner to record which college courses they plan to take in their time here at Case Western Reserve University.

Furthermore, the Scholarship Chairman heads the Mentor/Mentee program. If any brother is in need of further academic aid, the brother must submit an Academic Improvement Plan to the Scholarship Chairman to develop better time management skills. The brother is also paired with another brother to be an Academic Mentor/Mentee pair. These pairs meet at the discretion of the Scholarship Chairman and the Mentor serves as a more direct resource to the brother in need of help.

In addition to providing resources for academic success, the Scholarship Chairman provides various resources for career development. First, all brothers are required to submit an updated resume to the Scholarship Chairman each semester. Second, the chapter hosts an alumni-led workshop in preparation for the university career fair covering topics like how to get the most out of the career fair and how to prepare for an interview.

Phi Kappa Tau also hosts an annual Scholarship Banquet to demonstrate pride in the academic community at Case Western Reserve University. Brothers invite university faculty to a luncheon and take some time to get to know each other outside of a formal lecture setting.